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private tumbrl post by pinup/vintage model Greta MaCabre Redhead pin up girl and published model. Rockabilly, retro, vintage and avan-garde enthusiast. Vintage. Pin up. German Expressionism. Noir. Noir eroticism. RockabiLLy. Circus. BurLesque. PaLe. Norse. ModeLing&Fashion. Art deco. VaudeviLLe. UniForms. Grotesque. Dark Cabaret. Victorian ere. Genious. Aristocracy. Corsets. Avantgarde. Art Bizzare. FLowers. Gardens. LiLLies. SunFLowers. Damask. Red Lipsitic. GoLden, OLd HoLLywood ere movies and icons. Trash zombie movies. Avantgarde. Theatre. OLd schooL and yakuza tattoes. Opera houses. Antiques. OLd photography. Rain. Winter Sun. Indigo. Green Tea. BLoody Mary. Esoterism. Forests. EmeraLds. Insect jeweLLery. Hound hounting dogs. Cooking. KnowLedge/cognizance. Mother Russia. Antique medicaL instruments. Antique chairs. History. FamiLy heritage. Regimes. Movies. Mermaids. FiLm noir. 30's and 40's gLam. Atomic 50's. Teddy Boys. Tiki. Hotrod. Cooking. OLd cars. Rumble. Mobscene. Stepford wifes. Pink Flamingos. Greta MaCabre

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